The Aesthete!



Paromita Biswas: ย An Engineer & Analyst by profession; an Aesthete by passion ! Logical at one place; Creative at other. Lifestyle enthusiast, decor enthusiast and an avid traveller and food connoisseur. Writingย comes from the soul, to give words to my passion. Life is a multifaceted delightful adventure. I am on my glorious path to living it.

And, everything that defines the beauty of life, the aesthetics of life through an aesthete’s eye amalgamates in the Goodtimes! I live for the goodtimes and in turn keep myself inspired and motivated for all the phases of life.

This is a place where I present to you what my soul captures, what I believe in creating; finely curated by myself, quintessentially to inspire each one of you and in turn myself, to live the best of the life possible.